FootballTicketNet Reviewed

We have reviewed FootballTicketNet so that you know whether to buy tickets from them. 

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Football ticket net ( are a relatively new company in the secondary ticket market and therefore whether we trust them remains to be seen. We are currently waiting on more reviews from our users and customers of and therefore cannot go into too much detail.



If you have purchased tickets from this company in the past then please let us know your experience even if you did receive them on time and were the tickets that you paid for, we would like to know.

As a new ticket agent we have reservations at first until we receive some good reviews. In this case we cannot recommend them for now but point you towards ticket agents that have a fantastic reputation for delivering the correct tickets to the correct event on time. We base our recommendations on experience in the ticket industry, reviews from actual customers and years of operating as a review site for ticket agents.

Football ticket net are based in Spain with a head office in Israel and have come to prominence online in the last 4 months, not a long time in the industry famed for bad service and delivery.

Update March 2013

We have several customers of FootballTicketNet complaining about the poor customer service:

“Customer service extremely poor, passing the buck or not responding to emails, chat and number constantly engaged, very stressful experience, would not recommend to anyone, please avoid using at all if possible.”

Based on everything we have mentioned above then we recommend the following tickets agent for football tickets:
to buy tickets then we are certain you will face no problems.  

If you could kindly click on the link below before you buy the tickets this would help us track sales from the site and also be able to offer free advice and reviews to other customers.

We have recommended these websites on many occasions and not yet received any complaints or bad reviews. They both have an excellent history of delivering tickets and one we can recommend. We have recommended both of these sites before and have had no problems with them whatsoever. We recommend you pay slight more for the tickets and to use a trusted source that guarantees your tickets.

If you decide to purchase tickets from either of these companies could you please click on each link before you buy then that would enable us to track sales, offer a better service and offer free advice on ticket agents to others like yourself.