Unfortunately we cannot recommend this website.

sportsboffice logo has a good online website and specialises in sports tickets and hotels. The full domain name is We at have received several reviews from people that have purchased tickets from the Sports Box Office website. Whilst we have received some good reviews we have also received negative ones related to the late or non delivery of tickets.

So if you have already purchased tickets from this Ticket Agent then please contact them to make sure your tickets are guaranteed. If you haven’t already purchased tickets then we suggest you either search for the tickets you need and compare the prices from a list of trusted ticket agents. ¬†You can also see below for a list of ticket agents that we trust and have¬†received good reviews.¬†¬† review is based outside the UK and has 2 Customer Service Numbers and email. The address is given is a virtual office in Dublin and Belize and therefore we cannot recommend a company like this. 

For Sports Tickets especially football we recommend the following (All links will open in New Window):

We have recommended this ticket agency for over 2 years and have never had any issues. If you decide to purchase tickets then if you could click on the above link this will

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  1. Just had a very unpleasant experience with this company – supposed to be getting tickets for the Man Utd match on Sunday as a 40th birthday present, was told yesterday they’d been sent, am told today I won’t get them unless I go and meet some bloke called Phil in a pub in Manchester on Sunday. Although I won’t be told until Sunday which pub. I’m told they ‘do this every week’ and I have not right to be upset or suspicious of them, even though I’ve had at least 3 lies, or change of statement when challenged from them in this process now. I’ve cancelled the tickets and started a fraud case with the bank to get my money back. Very, very unhappy!

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