We at TicketReview.net look at ticket companies and write an article about them. We fully understand that choosing a ticket agent can be difficult and sometime risky, hence why we decided to set up this website.
There are many different ticket agents that claim to offer the best tickets at the best prices and are guaranteed but we often find that this is not the case. Every year hundreds and of people are unfortunate victims of purchasing tickets and never to receive them.

We review tickets mainly from the UK and Europe but also review ticket websites that we feel are of interest. We rate each website on safety history and whether we have received any negative reports.

TicketReview.net specialise in reviewing online ticket agencies and awarding them ratings based on experience. We use data from industry experts, collect reviews from clients and use our experience in the ticket market to review ticket sites both primary and secondary. With hundreds of thousands of tickets bought and sold each year in the UK alone there has been several sites that sell the tickets yet do not deliver. With this we have set this site up to review all sites so that customers can see what we think of each ticket site.

There are a few which we cannot recommend to the public due to the amount of bad experiences people have informed us about. There are however some amazing websites that deliver the tickets when they have to, both on time and exactly where they should be in the venue. Whether we can we point you towards these sites so that you can purchase from them directly and we know that you will be guaranteed to receive the tickets.

We see on average a new ticket website being opened every 2 weeks and whilst it is hard to identify if they are genuine we always look out for signs that normally give this away. No address, no customer service number etc, no marketing online, all of which give us the details.

With over 100 online ticket agents operating TicketReview tries to order them by each specialist category such as Sports tickets or concert tickets. Choosing the most suitable Ticket Agent can be performed within minutes through use of our ranking system.

Hopefully you arrived at the page suitable for the ticket agent you are looking for, use the menu bar above to select the ticket agent you are concerned over. We give honest opinions on the ticket agents based on our and customer experiences. For those that we have no good knowledge of then we simply tell you the ones that we have trust in and therefore you can trust them.  If you need anything or would like to tell us your experiences with ticket agents/brokers then please contact us using our email support @ticketreview.net.

We hope you have found our site useful. Thanks

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