Unfortunately we cannot recommend this website.
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We have been requested to Review the website: which has been set up for the sole purpose of trying to sell tickets for the tournament.

Can We Trust?

We are always highly sceptical about these websites that set up for one off tournaments because they can quickly disappear as soon as they arrive. We have noticed that the website ranks high on Google but this is no way linked to the trust of the website.

Who Do you recommend?

We recommend only 1 website for you to purchase European 2016 tickets, the only ones we do are listed on the right-handside of the page. review


Unauthorised Card Use

We are receiving reports of suspicious activity on this website.


“Ordered some tickets from on 1/29. Within a  day, our credit card company contacted us re: suspicious activity. We had not made the indicated purchases and card was promptly shut down. The  charge had not shown up yet. However, search indicated that it has contacts with a Russian based web site, so we suspect it may have been involved with the unauthorised charges.”

Please only use one of our listed websites, on the right-hand side.