GoFootballTickets.com – Should I Buy Tickets Here?

Unfortunately we cannot recommend this website.
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GoFootballTickets.com has ceased trading and therefore the website is now OFFLINE.


The directors regret to advise that as of today’s date the Company has ceased to trade. The Company is currently considering its options and will be in touch with customers in early course.
Date: 4th August 2015


We are always looking at new Ticket Agents on the market and especially in the UK and European Football Market. With this we have come across a new website GoFootballTickets.com

logoWith this we will provide a short review of the website and possible ticket service. We also provide recommendations so that you can be sure you have an option of where to get guaranteed tickets from.

We can see from online records that the website is very new and spends a budget on Pay Per Click, this however is no means a sign of trust as any company can pay for this and therefore be careful if you think that Google Trusts this company because this is definitely not a sign of trust.


Are you looking for Football Tickets?

If the answer is yes then use the following Ticket Agent Here.


The website is a nice website and they have spent time and effort on the details which is good. The site states the company is based in Cyprus which is quite a distance from UK premier league games.

Do we trust them? Well we cannot verify whether they have a good history or not, with this we cannot really comment but in the next few weeks we will hope to receive some good feed back that we can use for this review. We are therefore looking for people to let us know their experiences with GoFootballTickets.com, whether you have had your tickets delivered perfectly or you have been let down, we would like to find out.

My recommendations are for you to use this company with care as it is not established in the ticket market. One company that I can fully recommend is listed below and with this you will be guaranteed to receive your tickets.

I offer free advice for people buying football tickets so in order for me to keep continuing it would be appreciated if you click through the above link prior to purchasing tickets.

Also, if you have any issues, questions or want to send us feedback about GoFootballTickets.com then please do so, we are a community and take all communication and use it.