Unfortunately we cannot recommend this website.
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servefootballtickets is part of the company and therefore this was not originally reviewed but as this site has now become more apparent I have decided to review the site individually.

I always give the benefit of the doubt to new websites and this is no different but when the site is run by the same company as then alarm bells are surely ringing. screenshot


I have recently received a complaint from a user and also an email from a person claiming to have worked here in which he states:

*I use to work there ‚ so this information is 100% true, they have many companies all over the world – so no one can find them ‚ they are investigated for years by the UK police.

I am asking you to put a stop to these criminals and do what you can do to prevent an illegal and fraudulent activity.

Whilst I am not saying that all customers are completely ripped off I am merely saying that there are many customers that have difficulties with With this being said I would like to offer you recommendations on where you can actually get your tickets from a trusted supplier.

I would very much appreciate it if you clicked on the following links if you decide to purchase tickets as this enables me to offer free advice to people like you and always be available for questions about tickets and websites.