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We have been asked to review by our readers who have asked us for our feedback. We at are always looking for new sites on the market and with this we try to update our site every week or so.

Side Point

With all sites that we look into we first look at the inventory of the site and determine which tickets are being offered and the prices that they are being sold for.

One of the biggest indicators of a website that is untrustworthy is when the prices are lower than normal. We have seen in the past that the biggest way for people to fall victim of a scam is the price. If the price is too good to be true then it possibly is. Take for example the Champions League final which sells for in excess of £1000 per ticket, if a website is offering them for a lower price then we would be extremely cautious about purchasing.


The website of SohoFootballTickets is a simple enough website which focuses pure on football tickets and therefore they are not a website that tries to sell tickets for every single event in Europe. As with all websites that we review we ask them direct for feedback and to answer several questions about the ticket market.


We have recently received some good feedback from customers who have stated that the tickets they purchased here  were delivered on time and were completely trustworthy and reliable. Before we do recommend the website we would ask our readers to wait for another 4 weeks whilst we get some more feedback. If you have used this company to purchase football tickets then please help us and other potential purchasers by sending us your review. are specialists in football tickets so we are particularly after fans of Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal whom have experience with ticket purchases.

Whilst we would like to be more helpful we have to wait several weeks before we can offer a more detailed review.